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The following contracts, licenses, and other documents are provided as a courtesy to illustrate typical examples of model agreements and are not intended as a substitute for legal advice in any particular jurisdiction.  Improperly utilizing a “generic” agreement could have unintended consequences, such as, for example, invalidation of the entire agreement.  However, if you find this to be a helpful resource, please link to this webpage to make it easier for others to find.

1.    Software Escrow Agreement
2.    Security Agreement
3.    Software Development and Publishing Agreement
4.    Software Acquisition Agreement
5.    Software Acquisition Agreement
6.    Multi-User Software License Agreement
7.    Single User Software License Agreement
8.    Shrink Wrap License
9.    Music License Agreement
10.  Music Sampling Agreement
11.  Music Video License Agreement
12.  Exclusive License Agreement
13.  Computer Software License Agreement
14.  Sponsored Research Contract Agreement
15.  Clinical Trial Contract Agreement
16.  Material Transfer Contract Agreement
17.  Confidential Disclosure Agreement
18.  Joint Commercialization Agreement
19.  Artist Work-For-Hire Agreement
20.  Letter of Notification
21.  Agreement to Initiate Minitrial Proceeding
22.  Submission Agreement CPR Mediation
23.  CPR Model Neutral Listener Agreement
24.  CPR Ex Parte Adjudication Trade Secret and Patent Dispute
25.  CPR Neutral Expert Factfinding Intellectual Property
26.  CPR Confidentiality Agreement
27.  Trademark License Agreement
28.  Confidential Disclosure Letter Agreement
29.  Patent Attorney Nondisclosure Agreement
30.  Trademark License Agreement
31.  Trademark License Agreement
32.  Bilateral Patent License Agreement
33.  Software License Agreement
34.  Publishing Agreement Computer Program & Documentation
35.  Technical Information Agreement
36.  Multimedia Development and License Agreement
37.  Pharmaceutical License Agreement
38.  Pharmaceutical Industry License Agreement
39.  Pharmaceutical Product License and Distribution Agreement
40.  Objects of Art Licensing Agreement
41.  Inventions Patent Agreement
42.  Consulting Agreement
43.  Database License Agreement
44.  Domain Name Assignment Agreement
45.  Confidentiality Agreement with Technical Consultant
46.  Software Development Agreement
47.  Website Development Agreement
48.  Website Hosting Agreement
49.  Website Linking Agreement
50.  Privacy Policy
51.  Subscriber Agreement
52.  Financing and Development Agreement
53.  Loan Agreement
54.  Credit Agreement
55.  Asset Purchase Agreement
56.  Internet Service Provider Agreement
57.  Interactive Services Agreement
58.  Master Services Agreement
59.  Advertising Agreement
60.  Co-Branded Marketing Agreement
61.  Affinity Marketing Agreement
62.  Sponsorship Agreement
63.  Fulfillment Agreement
64.  Celebrity Endorsement Agreement
65.  Music License Agreement
66.  Partnership Agreement
67.  Featured Services Provider Agreement
68.  Joint Product Development Agreement
69.  Joint Venture Agreement
70.  Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement
71.  Technology License Agreement
72.  Software License Agreement
73.  Merger Agreement
74.  Online Commerce Web-Mall Agreement
75.  Marketing Agreement
76.  E-Commerce Website Development and Services Agreement