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Intellectual Property Attorneys With a Broad Perspective

Intellectual Property Attorneys With a Broad Perspective

The McNeely, Hare & War LLP law practice in Washington, DC USA covers all areas of intellectual property law—patent (including international patents and pct patents), trademarkcopyright, and trade secrets. Attorneys have extensive knowledge in the areas of intellectual property, licensing, litigation and related disciplines. In particular, McNeely, Hare & War LLP focuses on patent prosecution for electrical and mechanical equipment, computer hardware and software, Internet applications, and the emerging area of business method patents. A pct patent attorney can guide you through the two main phases of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) procedure, the “PCT international phase” and “PCT national phase.” Our intellectual property attorneys counsel clients in developing and implementing patent strategies and trade secret protection programs. We consult with you on your patent opportunities, conduct patent searches, prepare and file patent applications, prepare opinions and see your project through the myriad of potential prosecution hurdles to seek registration from the US Patent & Trademark Office. We defend patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and we help clients to develop the most effective and cost–efficient methods of protecting their intellectual property.

We keep our clients up to date on the latest news and information concerning intellectual property law.

Helping Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups

McNeely, Hare & War LLP represents all types of entrepreneurs and businesses. The firm provides legal advice to a wide range of start-up and technology companies involved in hardware, software, semiconductor, Internet, new media, telecommunications, biotechnology, medical devices and related fields.

McNeely, Hare & War LLP is uniquely positioned to advise the start-up and small business client. We offer premium, individualized legal services without a premium price. We use advanced office technologies to reduce staffing needs and employ other cost-saving measures to reduce our overhead. When you need a practitioner with a very specialized focus, we retain experienced colleagues having that particular expertise on a contract basis. Thus, our clients receive large firm, top-notch legal advice, but at reasonable small firm prices.

When you hire the McNeely, Hare & War LLP law firm to consult on intellectual property issues, we can offer you more than just intellectual property advice. We have broad experience in general litigation and licensing. This means that, when we are advising you on intellectual property matters, we can also help you strategize to achieve your business objectives.

Our Location

McNeely, Hare & War LLP is located in Washington, D.C. near the Patent & Trademark Office and other government agencies in the DC Metro area. Our strategic location provides us with quick access to patent examiners, PTO staff attorneys, and other key personnnel as your case progresses. We serve clients across the United States, particularly in technology centers in and around California, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, and New York. We also service clients in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Protect your business interests by consulting with an experienced intellectual property attorney at McNeely, Hare & War LLP.

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