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Translating ideas into business opportunities

Intellectual property is a critical business asset. Without adequate protection, your valuable innovations, technology, creative and unique works, or business or product names could be misused or lost.

Make sure your intellectual property interests are fully protected. McNeely, Hare & War LLP offers a wide range of intellectual property services including consultation and application preparation and filing services. Our main areas of practice are:

Attorneys at McNeely, Hare & War LLP can guide you through the patent and/or trademark application process. Our intellectual property attorneys will explain what you can expect and can provide you with price estimates along with an explanation of the benefits of patenttrademark, and copyright registration, and how it can protect some of your company’s assets. A pct patent attorney can guide you through the two main phases of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) procedure, the “PCT international phase” and “PCT national phase.” In addition, we can evaluate your company’s trade secrets business practices and advise you on how to improve them.

McNeely, Hare & War LLP advises start-up and technology companies on how to protect their valuable innovations and core technology through patent protection. We can help your company build a patent portfolio, which may include business method patents to enhance your company’s revenue and uniquely position it in the marketplace.

Protect your business interests by consulting with an experienced intellectual property attorney at McNeely, Hare & War LLP.

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Kevin McNeely – Partner – US Patent & Trademark Attorney