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In re Candy Bouqet
Applicants trademark Candy Bouquet found to be generic and evidence of 14 years of sales does not help distinctiveness of phrase.

Finger Furniture v. Finger Interests Number One
Law firm disqualified to file opposition against current client.

In re Oppedahl & Larson
Patents.com not registrable by law firm since it conveys meaning of patent-related goods in connection with the Internet.  In exceptional circumstances addition of top level domain may render an otherwise unregistrable mark sufficiently distinctive for registration.

In re Julie White
The Board concluded that use of Apache mark for cigarettes would falsely suggest a connection between applicant and the federally recognized Apache tribes.

Zimmerman v. National Association of Realtors
TTAB concluded survey evidence should include both real estate professionals and general public.

In re Consolidated Specialty Restaurants
Applicant’s use of Colorado Steakhouse as a trademark found to be geographically misdescriptive and registration refused.

Baseball Americana v. Poweplay Sports
Applicant’s mark Baseball Americana likely to cause confusion with registered mark Baseball America.

Yahoo v. Loufrani
Procedural corrections cannot be made after expiration of statutory time period for filing opposition.

In re Gregory
Board conclude that term Rogan was primarily used as a surname which is not outweighed by other meanings that may be attributed to it.